Brown or Bare Lawn? Try Overseeding!

If your lawn is suffering from the hot summer we just had, with brown patches or bare spots, our team at BruZiv Landscaping can help with our overseeding services!

What is Overseeding?

Overseeding is a great way to help bring your lawn back to life after a harsh drought or after the winter thaw. This process adds more color to your yard and creates a thicker, more healthy lawn.

This is also a great option if your lawn has some bare spots – overseeding will help bring that patch back.

When is the Best Time to Overseed?

We typically offer this service mostly in the spring to get our customer’s landscape ready for the warmer months. However, we do provide this service in the summer and fall too! As long as you have irrigation or plan to hand-water the seeds, it can be done whenever!

Learn More About BruZiv Landscaping

We are here to help commercial and residential properties in the Cleveland area maintain beautiful landscaping all year long. If you want to learn more about overseeding or any of our other services, please reach out today with any questions or to get started!

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