Fall Landscape Clean-Up


Cleveland Fall Landscaping

Fall is a beautiful time of the year, but it creates backbreaking work; cleaning up sticks, raking leaves, and more. So, leave that hard work to the professionals at BruZiv Landscaping!

Fall Clean-Up

Prior to or during each mowing service all fallen leaves will be mulched or removed from lawn areas, sidewalks and steps.

All bed areas will be raked or blown clean of all leaves on 4 occurrences with the final clean-up targeted for mid to late November.

All leaves will be placed in designated areas on-site with prior approval only or removed from the site if necessary.

A well-maintained lawn will always be more cost-effective than replacement, and will enhance your property year-round. BruZiv’s specialists can create a lush, green lawn, and can also assist in hardscape projects or landscape design plans and installation. Once you’ve created a beautiful outdoor space, keep it looking professional all year with our seasonal maintenance and snow and ice removal services.

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