Lawn Installations in Northeast Ohio

BruZiv Landscaping is your go-to for any and all of your landscaping needs, from routine yard care to installing a new patio and so much more. One of the services that we love doing is lawn installations.

Lawn Installs

We offer lawn installation to the residents and businesses of Northeast Ohio. Whether you’re building a new home or just need a fresh, healthy lawn, our services can help!

As with any of our services, the process and turnaround time can vary depending on your property type and size, but generally, we will meet for a consultation, provide an estimate, grade property to make sure it’s leveled, and get to work installing your new lawn.

Seed or Sod?

One of the most important decisions about lawn installs is your preference for seed or sod.

Hydroseeding takes a few weeks for your lawn to come in, but it provides you with a beautiful, lush lawn.

Sod gives you the instant gratification of thick green grass but is more expensive than hydroseed.

Why Choose BruZiv Landscaping for Lawn Installation?

Most of our new clients choose us because of word of mouth. Our customers are always recommending us to their family and friends because they love the quality and care of our service.

Learn More About Lawn Installations

If you are interested in learning more about our landscaping services or to schedule your consultation, contact us today!

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