Outdoor Low Voltage Lighting

Custom Outdoor Lighting For Residential And Commercial Customers

We will transform your property with the best outdoor landscape lighting design, detailed installation and great service. Landscape lighting is perfect for trees, beds, shrubbery, gardens, patios, pillars, retaining walls, along driveways, and to project on houses or buildings.


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    What to Expect from Your Outdoor Lighting Project?

    We will provide with a creative low voltage LED lighting solutions, a detailed design plan and a meticulous installation to fit your property’s functional requirements. When completed the outdoor lighting experience will transform, enhance and improve your property.

    Our design plan will include materials and fixtures to choose from, timing and duration of the project as well as pricing.

    Customize Your Property

    We offer a wide variety of custom-based hardscape & construction projects that will enhance your landscape and improve its attractiveness and safety.

    Residential landscape featuring firepit, fireplace, and stone pavilion

    Why Hire Us?

    BruZiv Landscaping provides reliable, high-quality services with the utmost focus on attention to detail and excellent customer service. Our skilled team is trained in lawn care best practices and uses state-of-the-art, new precision equipment. Our experts rely on decades of experience to maintain a manicured look for every kind of residential and commercial property.

    About Us

    Bruziv Landscaping is a leading commercial and residential landscaping, snowplowing and special projects company based in our two locations, Mentor and Cuyahoga Falls,  Ohio. These locations allow us to serve all of North East Ohio. We focus on delivering reliable, exceptional and timely results that exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.

    Our Customers Love Our Professional Staff

    the BruZiv Landscaping crew and equipment