Residential Pruning (Shrubs & Trees)

Caring for Bushes, Shrubs and Trees

With our expert tree, shrub, and bush pruning services, BruZiv Landscaping professionals will:

  • Keep your trees and shrubs healthy and beautiful with regular pruning services.
  • Take care of shaping and removing dead branches for you, so that your landscaping always looks polished.
  • Maintain a well-manicured appearance for your property.

Pruning changes the form and growth of a plant. Pruning can also be considered preventive maintenance for both insect and disease damage. Many problems may be prevented by pruning correctly during the formative years for a tree or shrub. The late dormant season is the best time for most pruning.

Dormant pruning involves “corrective action” by getting into the tree or shrub canopy and hard pruning branches to remove diseased, dying, or dead branches. The ideal window of time for dormant pruning in Ohio is December through early March. Dormant pruning relies on the same principles of pruning except that the plant/tree is pruned while dormant to reduce stress. Dormant pruning is often more aggressive, with larger cuts being made to create more vigorous growth in the spring, which leads to a healthier shrub or tree.

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