Weed Block Garden Fabric Pros and Cons

Weed block filter fabric is a thin layer of material used to prevent weeds from growing in your landscaping.

Weed Block Garden Fabric Pros

Other than the obvious weed prevention pro, there are many other benefits to installing this system in your landscaping. It is an affordable and chemical-free solution with no maintenance necessary.
This is also a long-lasting weed solution that can be used for many different projects, including concrete, gravel, and mulching.

Weed Block Garden Fabric Cons

The only con to weed blocking fabrics would be that if you were interested in adding more plants to the area, you would have to cut it out and reshape the holes in order to plant. This isn’t a huge issue, nor is it extremely difficult; it does just make the process take a little longer.

Learn More About Weed Block Garden Fabric

If you are interested in having a weed block fabric system installed into your landscaping, contact us today to learn more!

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